Storefront High Brightness Single or Double Sided Window Advertising Retail Signage LCD Displays

Every day your target passerby is walking past your window, so how do you bring them into your place of business? High Brightness Window LCD TV Screens provide dynamic, eye-catching content which can be updated regularly. ITD ultra high brightness window LCD displays are the proven solution for high ambient light applications. With brightness ratings as high as 5,000 nits, ITD high brightness LCDs shine bright in direct sunlight—making them the ideal solution for outdoor enclosures, semi-outdoor and in-window with direct sunlight applications that are able to overcome the competing ambient light. Our High Brightness Window TV Screens combine the sunlight viewable benefit of a printed poster with the dynamic, eye-catching technology of a digital display. Our high brightness displays are intended to operate in very high ambient light conditions.

There is another option from ITD for our Window Facing LCD Displays-Hanging Dual Side Window LCD Displays which have two different levels of brightness for the screens facing window outside and into business instore. The outside window facing display has a brightness of min. 2500 nits while the instore facing display has a brightness of 500~700 nits.

ITD offers the widest variety of sizes—ranging from 32”-86”, in brightness levels from 1,500-5,000 nits, and are available in stand-alone, single monitor, ARM based and x86 based. With our High Brightness window LCDs, you can engage your customers beyond the physical confines of your agency. Customers can see the latest properties before even stepping foot inside. Tailor-made especially for your business is available. Please read further details about these products.

●High Fashion Look-Super Narrow Bezel
●Ultra-High Brightness 1,500~5,000 cd/m2
●IPS Panel for Superior Color Uniformity
●500,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
●Auto-Dimming Control to Save Power Energy
●Visible with Polarized Sunglasses
●Intelligent Thermal Design with Quiet Operation and Low Power Consumption & Longer Lifespan
●Direct LED backlit with local dimming
●Combined TNi 110℃(230°F)  Industrial LCD Panel with Blackening Defect Free under Direct Sunlight
●24/7/365 Running Supported

Typical Applications
●Window Advertising Screens
●Digital Signage Displays
●Outdoor Video & Advertising Screens
●Retail Stores & Shopping Centers
●Airports, Bus & Rail Stations
●Museums & Visitor Attractions

If you have interest to order samples or technical requests, please feel free to contact us.

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