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21.5” Full IP65/IP66 Stainless Steel/Aluminum Industrial LCD Monitor
Do you want to find a water proof, dust proof industrial touch display solution for your outdoor application?
ITD recently launches the new full IP65/IP66 21.5” LCD touch monitor for wet and harsh environment. This full IP65/IP66 touch monitor provides water proof protection from all directions including connectors, cables and Touch option. It’s easy to integrate the monitor in outdoor environment, regular wet cleaning or corrosive environment as Swimming pools, Food industry, Medical, and so on.
The Stainless steel or aluminum alloy housing is an elegant design, but also resist against most corrosive lubricants for cleaning and des-infection in food and medical environment.
●Protection Glass (or Touch)
●Full IP65 protection from all sides
●IP65 cable set included, 1.8m length
●Touch technology integrated (option)
●12V DC support
●Stainless Steel Chassis/Aluminum Alloy Chassis (Anticorrosive, easy to clean and des-infection)
Reliability and Environmental Test
●Food processing plant automation control
●Kitchen application
●Chemical plant or laboratory
●Liquor Factory
●Clinical area / pharmaceutical / medical
●Operating and monitoring in Oil, Gas & Energy industry
●Industrial automation control in slaughtering house
●Harsch Automation Environment
●Outdoor information center
●Hotel Bathroom LCD
●Swimming pool Areas
●Fitness, Whirlpool and Sauna control or Entertainment
●Camping equipment
If you have technical questions or require more information in details, please contact Our related sales representative will give you feedback in 12hours.
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