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ITD is a worldwide leading industrial touch display equipment's solutions provider with an after-service center in Netherlands combining researching, developing, manufacturing, marketing & service with an excellence in varied kinds of industrial displays and touchscreen products started from 2005 and later expanded to embedded panel PC, digital signage, rugged stainless steel/aluminum alloy IP65 industrial displays, and ultra-wide stretched bar LCD displays for industries ranging from banking, transportation and logistics, to automation, marine, railway, oil and gas, energy, healthcare, and field service.

ITD not only supplies a very wide and deep range of standard products 5.7¡±~84¡±, but also provides professional services in customizing products to satisfy all customer requirements. ITD's main products include:

Industrial Touchscreen Monitor

- Panel Mount LCD Display
- Stretched Bar LCD Display
- Panel Mount Monitor
- Outdoor Display Supplier
- Industrial Panel PCs
- Industrial Monitor Manufacturer
- Chassis Monitor
- Rugged Industrial Touchscreen Panel Computer

- Industrial Panel Mount Monitor
- Curved Touchscreen Monitor
- Waterproof Touchscreen Panel PC
- Panel Mount Touch Screen Monitor
- Panel Mount Displays
- Industrial Panel PC Manufacturers
- Industrial PC Manufacturer
- Industrial Touch Display
- Touch Panel PC Industrial
- Touch Screen Industrial Display
- Industrial Touch Screen Display

ITD, that is, Industrial Touch Display, is considered to be the leading touch display provider worldwide. We were established in China in 2005. With time, we have increased products like embedded panel PCs, digital signage, industrial touchscreen monitors, ultra-wide stretched bar LCDs, and rugged displays like stainless steel/aluminum alloy IP65/IP67/IP69K industrial displays made of tough and good-quality materials. These displays can be used in healthcare, transportation, oil and gas, automation, and marine industries. As an industrial monitor manufacturer, our products have high standards that range from 5.7 inches to 86 inches and meet public expectations. In addition to that, we also provide customization options that will make the display unique and different. 

ITD specializes in a variety of products, including: 
Desktop Touchscreen LCD monitor
Stretched Bar LCD Display
Rugged Displays and Panel PCs
High-Bright, Sunlight-Readable Display
Marine Grade Display and Panel PC
Industrial Touchscreen LCD display
Indoor & outdoor digital signage
Industrial Panel PCs 

By the passing of the years, our team has built a solid and dedicated portfolio covering everything from research and development to purchasing, production, quality control like waterproof touchscreen panel PC marketing, and customer service. With our impressive technical capabilities, we consistently offer a variety of solutions and technologies that will meet the diverse needs of our customers. We've earned an excellent reputation in the industry for our top-notch technology services and our own well-designed, highly reliable industrial-grade controller board. This can handle a wide range of temperatures from -20 to 70 ¡ãC, and it's designed with low radiation, low power consumption, high reliability, durability, and adaptability to different environments.
At ITD, our constant goal is to achieve better customer satisfaction. Our rigorous quality control processes (IQC, IPQC, OQC, and FQC) and comprehensive services (pre-sales, sales, and after-sales) contribute to the rapid and stable growth of ITD. We are also steadfastly committed to investigating and creating state-of-the-art industrial touch display technology and trend-oriented marketing to enable all of our clients to have the best possible experience that benefits both parties.

Mission: We aim to provide the world with high-quality, long-lasting industrial touch displays.

Business Strategy:a never-ending quest for innovation and consumer delight. 

Core Value:

Here are some of the strict core values that we follow:

  • We strive to foster innovation, professionalism, and dependability
  • Honesty, quality, and decency are our guiding principles at work.
  • High efficacy, execution, and zeal characterize our approach to action.

Vision:By using our core technology and creating additional products, such as rugged industrial touchscreen panel computers that meet market needs and connect to a wide range of industrial application fields, we aspire to evolve into a leading provider of industrial touch displays that deliver affordable solutions to create the most desirable situations.

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