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ITD’s Industrial Grade Medical Panel PCs Used in Hospitals

As the application of computer technology penetrates into all fields of society, computers are playing an increasingly important role in all aspects of people’s work, study, and life. Similarly, computers have been widely used in the medical and health field, making hospitals more sensitive to all types of information. The management efficiency of the hospital has been greatly improved, making the overall operation of the hospital more orderly and efficient.

In the past, the classification and placement of drugs in hospital pharmacies was mainly done by manual operations. Due to the wide variety of drugs, it is prone to problems such as disorderly placement, lax storage, and inability to track the amount of information in real time, which may easily lead to drug abuse, overstocking, expiration, The high error rate and other hidden safety hazards put the special drugs in a dilemma in the strict management and convenient use, and virtually increased the pressure on the pharmacy. At present, the Internet of Things technology can be used to collect various required information. Its purpose is to connect all objects to the network, facilitate identification and management, can combine sensors and intelligent processing, and be able to implement intelligent control of objects. The smart medicine cabinet based on controlling of industrial touchscreen panel PC, while realizing strict monitoring and custody of hospital medicines, it can also carry out rapid circulation and traceability, non-destructive authentication and detection of authenticity and intelligent management of medicines in the cabinet to improve hospital medicine management Comprehensive level to ensure the safety of patients' medication.

The smart medicine cabinet adopts a combination of fingerprint lock and electronic code lock, double lock and double open to ensure safety; through industrial touch panel computer, seamless connection with hospital HIS system, touch screen operation, synchronous reception of prescription information, and information management of stored items; Industrial touchscreen panel PCs with cameras can take pictures in real time to achieve real-time monitoring; the industrial control all-in-one solution, highly integrated drug dispensing management and clinical information data interaction system cooperation, improve the work efficiency of medical staff, ensure data accuracy, and strictly control special drugs. Intelligent level of medical equipment, realizing a modern medical system.


- Front panel IP65 dustproof and waterproof design, embedded/panel mounting/VESA installation
- Fan-less design with heatsink for good heat dissipation
- Highly sensitive ten-point touch industrial capacitive screen, excellent human-computer interaction
- Rich I/O interface: USB, COM, RJ45, GPIO, DC, HDMI/VGA/DP/DVI, etc.
- Strong anti-interference and filtering function
- Intel low-power CPU, low-power operation of the whole machine, energy saving and environmental protection
- 24/7/365 running supported
- Tailored solutions available

With the continuous advancement of medical reform and division of medicines, ITD’s industrial touch panel PCs are more and more widely used in hospitals like self-service terminals, medical smart carts, hospital transportation robot, remote patient monitoring system, rehabilitation equipment, not only for the smart medicine cabinets. As one of the important application scenarios of industrial touch panel computers, smart medical care will greatly improve the management efficiency of modern hospitals.

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