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ITD 28” Bar-Type Stretched LCD Display
ITD 28 inch Bar stretched LCD display is from the fascinating ultra wide display series. With the extended utilization of LCD display everywhere, the ultra wide aspect ratio display of 16:3 and high resolution of 1366*256 is perfectly fit to replace traditional LED signage. On the basis of different applications, our 28” Bar Stretched LCD monitor can be used in both honrizontal and vertical modes to show different contents with one single image or split screens in different places. Take solace in our Bar LCD Monitor when integrating it into a display as it will always captivate audiences and work to provide as an informative display for any application. Once you design in the monitor, the stretch display will become a powerful tool for advertising or as an information display
◆  28 inch with super wide aspect ratio screen 16:3
◆  Perfect fit to replace traditional LED signage
◆  Ideal to gain attention
◆  Wall mounting VESA holes for easy installation
◆  Standard 15-pin VGA, DVI, HDMI inputs
◆  24V DC input
◆  500nits, 1000nits, LED backlight
◆  Projected capactive touch screen
◆  Tempered glass
◆  Open frame, chassis
◆  Android PC built-in
◆  Digital Signage
◆  Public transportation
◆  Exhibition hall or showroom
◆  Department store
◆  Vending machine
◆  Slot machine
◆  Restaurant displays
◆  Airport terminal signs
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