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ITD new product line- Interactive Floor-standing Totem
ITD Floor Standing Totem series is an interactive digital signage, not like traditional digital signage, an interactive digital signage is “information on demand”. This feature attracts people’s attention and provides practical information, create much more business opportunity. The flexibility to add various devices, like payment devices, receipt printer, camera…etc., also allow its function like a retail kiosk with huge screen. It combines signage and retail into one unit to reduce store space usage and asset investment. It is the powerful tool to provide interactive information, attract people, demo products, and even complete the transaction.

The Media Player series has been developed to be the most affordable and low cost.
The Media Player series has been developed to be easy set-up and a simple update process.
The Media Player series has been developed to be easy installed in minutes by a non-technical person
The Media Player series has been developed to be the most stable, simple, saleable and cost effective digital signage solution available today
Eliminating the maintenance issues associated with complex computer hardware, networks and operating systems.
Replacement for single static message printed on paper and DVD players
Android, Intel Atom/Celeron/Core i3/i5/i7 PC build in optional
WIFI, 3G module optional
21.5”~82” optional
ITD has adopted stringent quality standards. When you purchase a product or service from ITD, you have important assurances that the quality of what you receive will be as you expect. Additionally, we adhere to set standards, quality objectives, continual improvement, and monitoring of customer satisfaction that provides our customers with increased assurances that their needs and expectations will be met.
If you have interest, please contact for more details.
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