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32 inch Self-Service Ordering Kiosk
- Faster service and reduced customer wait times
- Increased efficiency and basket size with up sell prompts
- Improved order accuracy
- More targeted upselling
- Easier data capture and loyalty enrollment
- Operational efficiency redeploying labor to where it is needed mos
- Exceptional quality and commercial-grade reliability and performance
- 10-point capacitive touch, 1920*1080 resolution, 178 ¡ã viewing angle
- Android / Windows optional
- Professional terminal scanning, fast identification, fast identification of various product barcodes, payment codes
- Zero error: millimeter-level 3D face recognition, the face recognition rate can reach 99.9%, zero errors in 10,000 detections;
- Versatility: Adopting front paper bin design, for unlocking and changing paper more efficiently; Match with 58mm Seiko printer core, to achieve automatic cutter and high-speed printing, without paper jam;
- Stability: Each device has undergone multiple tests including aging, temperature and humidity testing, static detection, vibration, high voltage, touch and click, display, etc. to ensure stable quality and support 7 * 24 hours of work
- 3Proofings: Aluminum alloy structure, wear-resistant and anti-corrosion, overall anti-riot, IP65 waterproof surface;
- Safety: Using special industrial-grade leakage protection switching power supply, which is more reliable in public places;
- Diversity: provide a variety of customized services (Appearance color, logo, peripherals adding, etc.);
- Supports floor-stand and wall-mounted dual-scenario applications, breaking space constraints.
- Integrated design, simple assembly, just plug in when power on, no need to install and debug on site;
ITD self-ordering kiosk can be employed as a self-service food ordering system wherein the customers can place an order directly at the kiosk. This enables totally contactless and frictionless service. Customers enjoy the opportunity to buy with no waiting and no delay. The kiosk is a small free-standing physical structure that displays the entire menu for the customers to choose from. The orders are placed directly at the POS without the intervention of the cashier or server. The kiosks can be deployed in any setting from fast casual to quick service. More restaurants are relying on ITD self-ordering kiosks to speed up the order process, increase guest spend, reduce labor cost, reduce wait times for guests and improve customers¡¯ satisfaction.

Self-Service Ordering Kiosk

Model Name ITD32PPCT5KOxx-xx
IP Rating IP65 Front Panel

PC Systems Options

ARM Android Based RK3288(RK3399 optional) X86 Windows Based X86 Windows Based
CPU: Quad-Core Cortex-A17 1.8GHz CPU: Intel? Celeron J1900 2.0GHz CPU: Intel Core i3/i5/i7
Chipset: N/A Chipset: Intel? Bay Trail SoC Chipset: Intel SoC Chipset
Memory: 2G max. 4G Memory: Dual Channel, DDR3 1333/1600MHz Max.8GB Memory: 2 x DDR3 1333/1600MHz SO-DIMM Slot, Max. 16GB
HDD/SSD: Default to 8G, Max. 32G Storage: 1 x SATA, 1 x mSATA, Default to 64GB SSD Storage: 1 x SATA, 1 x mSATA, Default to 64GB SSD
2¡ÁUSB 2.0  2¡ÁUSB 2.0, 2¡ÁUSB3.0 2¡ÁUSB 2.0, 2¡ÁUSB3.0
1¡ÁTF slot 1¡ÁCOM(RS232/422/485) 1¡ÁCOM(RS232/422/485)
1¡ÁAudio Out with Realtek ALC662
Line-Out/ /MIC IN
1¡ÁAudio Out, 1¡ÁMIC In
Expansion: COM Expansion: USB, COM, Mini-PCIe Expansion: USB, COM, Mini-PCIe

LCD Panel

Screen Diagonal (Inch) 32¡±
Display Active Screen Size (cm) 698.4(H)¡Á392.9(V)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Physical Resolution 1920¡Á1080
Maximum Resolution Supported 1920¡Á1080
Colors  16.7M
Brightness (cd/m2) 400
Contrast Ratio 1200:1
View Angels 89/89/89/89
Backlight/Backlight Lifetime LED Backlight with 50000Hours' Lifetime

Touch Panel

Response Time < 5ms
Surface Hardness Mohs 7 tempered vandal-proof glass
Lifetime >50 Million click

Thermal Printer (Optional)

Model HS-QR24 LG-ET-210 HS-EC58
Parameter I/O type: USB
Printing Speed: 50-80mm / s
Effective printing width: 48mm
Voltage: DC12V
Paper size: 58mm, the maximum diameter of the paper core: 30mm
Manual tearing, Paper roll capacity: Small
Printer size:Small
I/O type: USB
Printing method: direct line thermal
Printing Speed:90MM/S
Print density£º384 Dot/Line
Effective printing width: 48mm
Print command: compatible with ESC / POS commands
Reliability: 50 km
Paper size: 58mm, the maximum diameter of the paper core: 60mm
Input voltage: DC  12V/3A
Manual tearing, Paper roll capacity: Big
Printer size: Big
I/O type: USB
Printing method: line thermal
Printing Speed:50MM/S
Print density£º384 Dot/Line
Effective printing width: 48mm
Input voltage£ºDC 12V     Paper size: 58mm, the maximum diameter of the paper core: 60mm
Automatic paper cutting, Paper roll capacity: Big
Printer size: Big

Car Reader (Optional)

  TTL port
RS232 port
USB version
Model M2-TTL M2-232 M5-USB
Parameter Interface type: TTL serial port
Working frequency band: 13.56M high frequency module
Support agreement: ISO14443A
Support cards: IC card: Mifare (1k / 4k), NXP S50, NXP S70, Fudan Micro F08, Ultraraligh
Product function: read-only IC card function based on Android TTL interface
Interface type: RS232 serial port
Working frequency band: 13.56M high frequency module
Support agreement: ISO14443A
Support cards: IC card: Mifare (1k / 4k), NXP S50, NXP S70, Fudan Micro F08, Ultraraligh
Product features: read-only IC card function, based on computer or Android 232 serial port
Interface type: USB port
Working frequency: 13.56M module
Support agreement: ISO14443TYPEA
Support card: IC card MIFAER series
Product features: read-only IC card function, based on computer or Android USB interface

Barcode Scanner (Optional)

  Standard Flagship
Model XN-1065 ZD7100
Parameter I/O type: USB
Resolution£º1.3mp   COMS
Recognition accuracy£º3 MIL
light source£ºLED£¨630NM¡À10NM£©
field of view: horizon¡Ý45¡ãvertical¡Ý34¡ã
Reading distance£º25MM-240MM£¨15mil QR£©
High recognition accuracy
long distance
fast recognition speed
I/O type: USB
light source: 6500K LED
Sensor image:752 X 480
Rotary tilt deflection:360¡ã£¬¡À65¡ã£¬¡À60¡ã
Recognition accuracy: 5mil Ccde39
Barcode supported:PDF417, MicroPDF417, Data Matrix, Maxicode, QR Code, MicroQR, AztecHanxin, etc
High recognition accuracy
full coding system
large angle
Fast recognition speed
Other peripherals modules optional: 4G, GPS, Camera, etc


Operating Temperature Range 0~50¡ãC 
Humidity Range (RH) 10-90%
24/7/365 Use Supported


Power Indicator Green LED
Power Input AC 100-240V
Power Consumption


32¡±Wall Mounted Self-Ordering Kiosk Android ITD32PPCT5KE1-Bxx
32¡±Wall Mounted Self-Ordering Kiosk Intel J1900 ITD32PPCT5KJ1-Bxx
32¡±Wall Mounted Self-Ordering Kiosk Intel i3/i5/i7 ITD32PPCT5KIx-Bxx
32¡±Floor Stand Self-Ordering Kiosk Android ITD32PPCT5KE1-Lxx
32¡±Floor Stand Self-Ordering Kiosk Intel J1900 ITD32PPCT5KJ1-Lxx
32¡±Floor Stand Self-Ordering Kiosk Intel i3/i5/i7 ITD32PPCT5KIx-Lxx
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