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We have delivered our touch displays solutions with a large humber of 200,000units to worldwide and please check out what we did for some of the cases.

ITD is committed to exceeding your expectations on every project, with the excellent quality products, professional customer service and exquisite quality craftsmanship, at a competitive price. ITD offers in-house R&D, compliance engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, verification & validation, and after-market support for private label and ODM clients worldwide to more than 50 countries with 95% success rate of projects approved, 80% of samples done resulted in bulk orders and 10% projects run already for more than 6 years. ITD team has been managing to lifecycle product engineering solutions and quality standards & processes to ensure quick time-to-market for all our customers.   

ITD ¡°K¡± series zero-bezel PCAP touch panel PCs 21.5¡± and 43¡±have been successfully applied for information kiosks showed in New York United Union. The both are configured with high-end Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processor, 4G RAM and 128G SSD providing a high reliability and durability. The projected capacitive touch screen features 10 multi touches, IP65 front surface, edge to edge with easy-clean and 7H hardness vandal proof bringing modern, sleek look for the customers¡¯ kiosks. Our quality PCAP touch PCs bring the customer great success for business growth. The prototypes had been delivered and installed in October 2018 and will move to mass production from Q1 2019.

ITD newly developed 16.3 inch, 27.6 inch and 34 inch shelf edge LCD Android Displays that are designed for supermarket advertisement and marketing. The ultra-wide LCD sign board strip provides an opportunity of purchase conversion by means of engaging with the consumer via animated content. Bundled with network media player board integrated and powered by user-friendly Signagelink CMS software, we have produced & shipped hundreds of the 34¡± shelf edge ultra-wide LCD Android displays for one of the biggest retail chain stores in Middle East and shipment quantity will be up to 2000units in 2019.

ITD 28¡± stretched bar LCD monitor with ultra-wide panel specially cut from a 32¡± TFT panel has been largely used in a fast food chain restaurants  in Hong Kong. It comes with rugged steel chassis, VGA, DVI, HDMI inputs, VESA wall mounting brackets, which is used for displaying ordering numbers controlled by a main server so that consumers could be informed and go to take their foods as soon as it¡¯s ready. After using our 28¡±solution, it saves lots of labor costs and brings excellent user experience. This project was started and negotiated from 2013 and a first prototype was finished on March. And then trial order was placed on August before moving into mass production on February in 2014.

ITD 32¡± industrial LCD monitor has been perfectly applied in real estate agent stores in United Kingdom. This 32¡±industrial monitor comes with robust steel chassis, VGA, DVI, HDMI inputs and RS232 protocol remote control connector. It is easily installed in the cabinet via VESA mounting holes. All the screens are for showing the information of house-sale, renting, pricing indication or videos to show conditions and status of the houses or apartments in sell. These contents displayed are catching consumers¡¯ eyes and improving turnover rate. This project was started from 2010 and a first prototype was finished on May and then moved into mass production fromSeptember in 2011.

ITD 17¡±zero-bezel projected capacitive touch screen monitor has been largely used in self-service terminals. This kiosk manufacturing customer is located in United States of America who is top 10 in the business. This 17¡±PCAP touch monitor is very cost-effective solution but supports 10 multi touch points, IP65 front panel and vandal proof glass integrated and comes with VGA, DVI, HDMI inputs. Its special ¡°flange ¡°design around makes it easily installed in kiosk cabinet and true flat surface that looks high-end and stylish. This cooperation was started from 2013 and a first prototype was finished on August and then moved into mass production from December in 2013.

ITD 42¡±high brightness LCD monitor with 1500nits has been installed behind windows at a chain clothing shops in France. It is readable clearly even if there is sunshine reaches on the window and equipped with internal intelligent fan-cooling system. There are two fans for air coming and other two fans for air going that generated circled air flow for better heat loss for convection. It brings high reliability & durability even if it¡¯s in summer with external high temperature. This project was started from 2014 and a first prototype was finished in June and then rolled out to all chain shops from November 2014.

ITD 21.5¡±outdoor all weather proof free standing digital signage has been installed in a town of Slovenia. It comes with robust steel housing with outdoor painting, 21.5 inch FHD LED backlight 1500nits, PCAP touch foil with 6mm tempered glass, internal intelligent temperature control system with air condition built-in and Intel i3 embedded computer integrated, which supports operating temperature range from -40¡æ~55¡æ. It¡¯s been used as a self-service kiosk. This project was started from 2013 and installed on site in June that has been lasting for working and running well for more than 4 years.

ITD 49¡±wall mounted Android all in one PC digital poster has been successfully applied in a chain snack bar in Spain. It comes with a 49 inch 1080p IPS panel, ARM based RK3288 Android PC integrated with pre-installed Android 5.1 system and rugged steel chassis with super slim bezel. It shows menus, prices, special offer so that consumers could look at the foods options easily and clearly to order what they need. The contents everyday can be updated and self-determined remotely controlled by a main PC via network connected. It brings much better sales turnover than before for the storekeeper. This project was started from 2015 and a first prototype was finished in April and then rolled out to all chain premises from August 2015.


ITD 15¡± open frame touch screen monitor with privacy filter has been supplying to a famous ATM manufacturer for thousands of units per year. It comes with rugged steel chassis, VGA and DVI inputs, supporting wide operating temperature range from -20~70¡æ and 24/7/365 constant use which is perfect for the ATM or CRS machines that need to be of service for day and night. We have got the customer¡¯ great trust and comments against our reliable quality and competitive prices. The customer estimates that the annual quantity will be increasingly up to 10000units. This project was started and negotiated from 2014 and a first prototype was finished on December. And then first mass production was confirmed in 2015.


ITD 19¡± industrial panel mount touch panel PC has been successfully applied for CNC machines in Netherlands. This 19¡±industrial panel PC comes with robust steel chassis, IP65 front aluminum front bezel with sealing gaskets, durable industrial grade motherboard with Intel Celeron J1900 CPU integrated that is fan-less design with ultra-low power consumption. It can be easily embedded/panel mounted in the cut out hole of the CNC front panel via clamps. It is just a human machine interface connected between operators and machines which greatly improved work efficiency. This project was started from 2009 and a first trial order was finished on April and then moved into mass production from May in 2010.

ITD 10.4¡±sunlight readable LCD monitors have been largely used in gas/petrol pumps. This gas dispensers and pumps manufacturing customer is a well-known brand in the world headquartered in United States of America who is top 3 in the business globally. This 10.4¡±high brightness LCD monitor with 1500nits LED backlight adapting to energy saving and environmental protection. It comes with an anti-glare tempered glass on the front for better sunlight readability and equips with VGA, DVI, HDMI inputs that can be easily connected to customer¡¯s PC. Its open frame style with side mounting brackets that helps customer easily do installation. This cooperation was started from 2009 and a first prototype was finished on July and then moved into mass production from January in 2010.


ITD 20.1¡±flush/panel mount touch monitor has been greatly used marines in different countries. It comes with 1000nits LED backlight for better readability when sunlight through the marine window. A dimming knob designed on the front panel enables users easily access to control the brightness from 0%~100% and IP65 front bezel can stop water away from inside chassis. Its feature of anti-shock & vibration and wide voltage 9-36V input makes it keep working well when the marine is pushing on across the sea. This project was started from 2015 and a first prototype was finished in February and then moved into mass production from October 2015.


New retail smart clothes racks may sound a bit flashy. After all, racks are racks. What else can you do besides hang clothes on them? ITD new retail solution changes this with a bar lcd display that rests above an ordinary clothes rack. From now on, the clothes rack becomes a smart marketing tool that speaks for itself and sells clothes without sales employee. It has been largely used in an international retail cloths chains rolled out in Europe from early 2019.





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