The era of the Internet of Things is coming to us quietly, and this new era will bring trillions of dollars in market opportunities. Intelligence and interaction are the most distinctive features of the Internet of Things era. The industry of industrial touch displays is the easiest to achieve seamless integration with traditional equipment, deriving new smart homes, smart terminals, and becoming the key node of the Internet of Things. Use RFID and other technologies to realize the collection, reading, transmission, and intelligent inspection of information, thereby greatly improving work efficiency. Due to the particularity of the industry, high work intensity, complex production environment, and high equipment damage rate are all problems in the manufacturing industry. The industrial display touchscreens can play its characteristic of maintaining perfect performance even in the face of harsh environments. Using advanced tracking technology, real-time tracking and monitoring of products in production, distribution, sales, code scanning, inspection, analysis, processing, automatic packaging, classification and other links has become the developing trend of the production and logistics industry. As a core component, industrial display touchscreens must cope with the multiple tests of various harsh industrial environments and frequent use requirements. The display screens must have high-reliability to be competent.

We are already in the era of the Internet of Things, and ubiquitous display products have become an important entry and exit port for people to obtain information and experience the world. How to meet people's diverse needs for smart life in the Internet of Things era? ITD keeps pace of the times and provides overall solutions under innovative applications for the Internet of Things such as industrial touch displays, panel PCs, sunlight readable displays, custom-design solutions, etc. By promoting technological innovation, product upgrades and application expansion, to become a leader in the entrance and exit of the Internet of Things

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